I am jealous! Wish I went to a school like My World Nature School when I was little!”

“So thankful for you, Ms. Kuang, and for your passion for the whole child”

“Chenchen’s teacher at her other school told me that Chenchen speaks Chinese 70% of the time now, compare to 30% two months ago (when she started at My World Mandarin Nature School).

Katie, Mom of Chenchen

“Doudou’s overall mood has improved since starting at My World Nature School, and he can’t wait to going to school every time!”

Eva, mom of Doudou

“Ian said his first real Chinese word after his first day at My World Nature School! Seeing, touching and smelling real things in nature must really inspire him to learn!”

Zixing, mom of Ian

“We were worried about Guodong watching too much TV and not eating enough food, on his first day at My World Nature School, he explored, played and hiked 3 miles! He was so hungry that he ate up his food and mine!”

Xiaojuan, mom of Guodong

“I like My World Nature School!”

Byron, Chenchen and Doudou

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