1. Afterschool and Weekend Program for age 3.5-12: 2023/2024

When: 9/5-6/14, except 11/10-11, 11/23-25, 12/16-1/1, 1/15, 2/19-24,  4/8-13, and 5/25, 27

            M, T, Th, F 3:45-5:45, W 1:45-5:45, NEW!! Saturdays 11:45-3:30 in Mercer Island or near Seattle.

What: a rare opportunity for students to achive near native fluency in speaking, reading and using Chinese to learn anything they are interested. 100% Mandarin immersion nature program, and Chinese content in science, history, literature, culture, life skills etc.

       2. Nature program for age 2.5-7: 2023/2024

When:9/5-6/14, except 11/10-11, 11/23-25, 12/16-1/1, 1/15, 2/19-24,  4/8-13, and 5/25, 27

            M, T, Th, F 11:15-3:00, W 1:45-5:45

What:  100% nature and Mandarin immersion fun program!

Our curriculum follows the children’s lead throughout their time at the school. We support and facilitate our students’ learning by providing study units that answer their questions or respond to their curiosity that naturally arise when they play in and with nature. For example, we have answered questions such as “where does the rain/rainbow come from?” (water cycle system); “why can’t we step on snails? (snails’ role in ecosystem); “why birds’ feathers fall?” “where does fog/snow come from?) etc.

It provides ample safe, outdoor free play, with minimum adult intervention, and more focus on encouraging emotional development through children interaction (vs. adult directed conflict resolution).

Where: parks near Bellevue, and an indoor space near Spiritridge Elementary as a backup for extreme weather.

Sign up is easy! Just fill out the form below and we will follow up regarding the next steps.


Please click here on how to prepare, including gear suggestions. 

Cancellation Policies: due to our strict 100% Mandarin enviroment, we reserve the rights to reverse the admission decisions for new students to make sure they can thrive in our challenging programs.

  • Cancellation up to the start of the program: Entitled to a refund minus 25% of course tuition.
  • Cancellation within four weeks after the start of the program: Entitled to a refund minus 50% of remaining course tuition.
  • Cancellation after four weeks of the start of the program: No refund given.

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