Working2023 Summer camps (age 3-14)

When: 9:45-3:30 April 10-14, and June 26-September 1, except 7/3,4

Where: parks on Eastside

What:  100% nature and Mandarin immersion fun program!

How much: $479/week ($429/week for existing students) and $287 ($206 existing students) for the week of July 5th. An extra shadow fee of $99/week will be charged for a limited number of pre-approved students who do not quite meet the minimum Chinese language requirement of level 2 yet.

*Existing students are defined as students who have been in our programs for at least 3 months immediately prior to the start of summer camp.

NEW this year!! If your student is ready (typically 6+ years old) and interested, a Chinese literature tutoring session — our unique method to teach Chinese characters through reading can be added for $75/week Space is limited.

These programs are designed for mixed age children to get outside and be immersed in nature while speaking Mandarin! We specialize in improving a child’s mandarin proficiency level rapidly, and in highly effective emotional coaching.

A typical day of active learning could include hiking, finding signs of wildlife, catching bugs, climbing trees, stewardship skills, building forts and games. We focus on each child’ emotional development needs and support their all around development. We follow students’ interests and support them individually at appropriate time in the following areas, but no conventional group classes on Chinese reading, writing or journaling are included.

  • Child led, project based learning
  • Safety in nature
  • Plant and animal awareness
  • Math and science in Nature
  • Sensory awareness
  • Nature skills
  • Chinese reading
  • Nature journaling

Mandarin language requirements: due to our 100% Mandarin environment, the minimum requirement for a child’s mandarin proficiency level is stage 2 in the 2nd language proficiency chart here: We reserve the right to make an enrollment decisions based on Chinese language assessment results, and to change that decision if students turn out to be unable to keep up in our 100% Mandarin enviroment after program starts. For further information, please email us at

For detailed summer camp informaiton, please click All things summer camp.

Sign up is easy! Just fill out the form below, and we will get in touch regarding next steps.

Covid 19 and other sick Policy

As of June 2022, masks are optional at camp. We follow CDC’s and Washington Department of Health’s guidlines on Covid 19 and other sickness for outdoor camps.

Cancellation policy

The camp fee can be refunded if the cancellation notice is received four weeks before the first day of your child’s camp, minus a $100 administration fee per week per student. Any cancellation made afterwards is not refundable.

Smoke/Air Quality/Heatwave Policy

Due to Covid, we are unable to use indoor space and with the increased threat of summer wildfire smoke and heatwave in Western Washington, it is necessary to have a plan in place to ensure the safety of our campers and staff.

In the case of hazardous air quality, we will monitor conditions and will consult the Washington Department of Ecology website for updates on local air quality. If threat levels at the nearest monitoring sites to our camps are deemed unsafe for staff and campers by the Program Director we will cancel camp. Please see the condition levels from the WAQA Publication which we will use to guide our decision. If conditions are “moderate” or “unhealthy for sensitive groups” we will limit running games and strenuous activities at our camps. If conditions are “unhealthy for everyone” we may cancel camp for the day. We will reach out to all families via ProCare message by 8:00am to cancel camp for the day.

In the rare case of extream heatwave advisory over 97 degrees, we may cancel camp for the day.

If your child has additional health concerns or sensitivities and must be withheld from camp at a lower level of risk, please let us know so we are aware they are taking the day off. We are not able to offer a refund in this case per our usual registration policies.

If two or more camp days in a week are cancelled by My World due to smoke, fire, air-quality or heatwave concerns, you may request a 50% refund per day for the total number of cancelled days. To request a refund, please email at These conditions pose a huge threat to outdoor education organizations, and we are grateful for your support and understanding.

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