2021 summer camps (age 3-10) are now open to registration! Please email your application form– download here to: Due to Covid 19, students who will sign up for the entire summer (June 28-August 27) are given priority.

Where: parks on Eastside and private land in Bellevue.

What:  100% nature and Mandarin immersion fun program!

These programs are designed for mixed age children to get outside and be immersed in nature while speaking Mandarin! We specialize in improving a child’s mandarin proficiency level rapidly, and in highly effective emotional coaching.

A typical day of active learning could include hiking, finding signs of wildlife, catching bugs, climbing trees, stewardship skills, building forts and games. We focus on each child’ emotional development needs and support their all around development.

  • Child led, project based learning
  • Math and science in Nature
  • Safety in nature
  • Plant and animal awareness
  • Sensory awareness
  • Nature skills
  • Chinese reading and writing
  • Nature journaling

Mandarin language requirements: due to our 100% Mandarin environment, the minimum requirement for a child’s mandarin proficiency level is stage 2 in the 2nd language proficiency chart here: We reserve the right to make an enrollment decisions based on Chinese language assessment results, and to implement a trial period if necessary. For further information, please email us at

Cancellation policy: camp fee can be refunded if the cancellation notice is received four weeks before the first day of the camp season (I.e., in 2021, the first day of the summer camp season is June 28) , minus a $100 administration fee per week per student. Any cancellation made afterwards is not refundable.

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